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Level IV Recertification

Tesco specializes in the recertification of top drive and automated pipe handling equipment (both Tesco and Non-Tesco), with proven, efficient methods and detailed documentation. Our testing facilities, QC systems, and highly trained personnel will ensure that all recertifications are completed to Tesco and Industry’s standards.

When the recertification is complete, the client is issued a comprehensive report of the work performed including shipping/receiving reports, wear reports, functional reports, dynamometer results and a certificate of compliance.

Documented servicing facilitates error tracking and becomes an important part of a unit’s history that aids future repairs, inspections, and performance upgrade design efforts. Every recertification receives a Tesco OEM Recertification Certificate along with a complete customer summary and document package.

The Level IV recertification includes the following key steps:

1. Document the components received
2. Perform operational tests on key systems and record performance results
Operational tests include:
  Function Test - Robotics, hydraulics and electrical
  Dynamometer (where available)
3. Document damage and deficiencies
4. Disassemble the top drive and associated components
5. Inspect the power unit
6. Rebuild the top drive and power unit to API 8B and API 8C standards
7. Test the top drive and compare performance results against pre-services performance results and OEM specifications
8. Document that the components shipped
9. Issue a certificate of compliance and a 90 day parts and labor warranty

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